COLTX0030 Glue pen filled with Textile Glue
Type of glue: White water-based PVAc glue Characteristics:  Quick binding, creates a flexible and water-resistant glue film Chemical propert
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RPP Price € 2,45
COLTG0030 Glue pen filled with Tacky Glue
Collall Tacky Glue is a medium-viscous white glue with an strong first tack. Uses: Can be used to glue paper, cardboard, textile, ceramic,
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RPP Price € 2,25
COLKN0030 Glue pen filled with White Glue
Type of glue: Collall White Glue glue based on a waterborne polyvinyl acetate dispersion, wash out easily. Appereance: Thick white liqui
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RPP Price € 1,99
OLKI0030 Glue pen filled with Kids Glue
Type of glue: Collall Kids Glue is a medium-viscous, water based, transparent. Especially for children. Appearance: Clear transparent li
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RPP Price € 1,49
COLHO0030 Glue pen filled with Hobby Glue
Type of glue: Collall Hobby Glue is a viscous, water based, transparent glue. Appereance: Clear transparent liquid Odourless Reversibl
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12416-1600 Glue Pen with ball point tip. 10 gram
Inhoud: 10gram Oplosmiddelvrije lijm Met deze ballpoint lijmpen kunt u zeer eenvoudig en zorgvuldig lijm aanbrengen. Geschikt voor creatieve
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RPP Price € 2,92