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COLKN0030 Glue pen filled with White Glue
Type of glue: Collall White Glue glue based on a waterborne polyvinyl acetate dispersion, wash out easily. Appereance: Thick white liqui
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RPP Price € 1,99
1233-350 (D) Rondbreinaalden. 3.50 mm. 80 cm
Zusammensetzung:rostfreier Stahl, KunststoffseilLänge:80 cm
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RPP Price € 2,99
COLTX0030 Glue pen filled with Textile Glue
Type of glue: White water-based PVAc glue Characteristics:  Quick binding, creates a flexible and water-resistant glue film Chemical propert
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RPP Price € 2,45
DDA.032 DIAMOND DOTZ® - Adhesive - 75ml Bottle with Yorker Tip
ALL PURPOSE DOTTING ADHESIVE by DD Geschikt voor hout. glas. metaal. geglazuurde ondergronden en textiel.  Textiel is daarna uitsluitend m
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RPP Price € 5,99
12326-3003 Hobby pliers: needle nose. 15 cm. black/yellow
RPP Price € 4,99
OLKI0030 Glue pen filled with Kids Glue
Type of glue: Collall Kids Glue is a medium-viscous, water based, transparent. Especially for children. Appearance: Clear transparent li
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RPP Price € 1,49
COLWK0050 Greeting cards glue
Adhesive type: Collall greeting card glue is a 100% acid-free glue that has been specially developed for designing greeting cards. In additi
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RPP Price € 2,79
Ergonomische stylus met LED lampje Formaat: 15.30x4.00x2.00cm
RPP Price € 9,99
COLTG0030 Glue pen filled with Tacky Glue
Collall Tacky Glue is a medium-viscous white glue with an strong first tack. Uses: Can be used to glue paper, cardboard, textile, ceramic,
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RPP Price € 2,25
COLHO0030 Glue pen filled with Hobby Glue
Type of glue: Collall Hobby Glue is a viscous, water based, transparent glue. Appereance: Clear transparent liquid Odourless Reversibl
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RPP Price € 1,75
DD15.019 DIAMOND DOTZ® - 90x61cm - Spring Sparkle
DIAMOND DOTZ® Facet Art Kit bevat:Hoge kwaliteit in kleur geprinte stof  Diamond Dotz® gesorteerd per kleur  Diamond Dotz®  Stylus met soft
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RPP Price € 99,99
PIT001 Piercing tool - Prikpen met zeer fijne punt
&amp lt p&amp gt 0.55 mm point&amp lt /p&amp gt
RPP Price € 2,25
12294-9405 storage Boxes. 30 pcs/ set. 160x135x34mm
Buitendoos: 160x135 x34mm - Diamond Painting Opbergdoosje - 26 x 28mm - Rond
RPP Price € 8,80
340.041 No Count Cross stitch Friends Forever 17.5x24.7cm
Type stof: 14 draads A&amp iuml daKit bevat: Aida stof bedrukt met symbool kleurenkaartAuxiliary Color Printed Paper ChartComplete borduur i
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RPP Price € 24,99
Ergonomische Stylus Deluxe Verpakking met 2 stuks 
RPP Price € 3,50