COLVD250 Collall Decoupage Glue in a pot 250ml
Type of glue: Collall Decoupage Glue for applications or decoupage decorations. Appearance: Clear transparent liquid Glues strong Fast
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RPP Price € 8,99
COLVL100 Collall Varnish Glue in a bottle 100ml
Type of glue: Thin, white, transparent-drying, water-based varnish glue  Characteristics:  Duo Characteristics: Glue and varnish in one, whi
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RPP Price € 3,20
COLVDW250GL Collall Decoupage Varnish glossy 250ml
Type of glue: Collall Decoupage Varnish transparent decoupage varnish for a beautiful finishing touch on applications or decoupage decoratio
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RPP Price € 7,99